Journal Mathematica Montisnigri 


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Materials of the journal upward 2015 were included in the Web of Science database.

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The journal since 1993 is a part of MathSciNet database.


The journal Mathematica Montisnigri publishes original scientific works from all felds of mathematics which comprise new and signifcant results with complete proofs, which are of interest for a larger mathematical community.

The journal does not publish works of polemical or methodological interest, as well as works that have been offered for publishing in other journals. The journal publishes papers in English, Russian, French and German.

It is usually issued three times a year.

The journal Mathematica Montisnigri is published by the Society of mathematicians and physicists of Montenegro and Department of Mathematics of The University of Montenegro.


Society of mathematicians and physicists of Montenegro, Montenegro

Department of Mathematics of The University of Montenegro, Montenegro


Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics of Russian Academy of Sciences (KIAM RAS), Russia