Mathematica Montisnigri - Ethical Codex


The journal Mathematica Montisnigri adheres to the ethical norms of academic integrity and the norms and practices on integrity in scientific research and publishing which is promoted by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).

Manuscripts received by the journal are treated as a confidential material. Information and content of manuscripts and ideas used in them must not be used in personal purposes or distributed.



All segments of the journal Mathematica Montisnigri will work to prevent any form of discrimination (racial, gender, religious, ethnical, cultural, etc.).


Editor responsibility

Based on the recommendations of the reviewers, the Editorial board makes the final decision on which manuscripts get published.

The Editorial board retains the right to reject a manuscript before sending it to reviewers if the content of the manuscript is not in accordance with the principles and editorial policy of the journal.

In special cases, the decision on whether a manuscript is published can be made by Editors in Chief.

Editors in Chief and the members of the Editorial board must protect the anonymity of the reviewers.


Author responsibility

The authors bear full responsibility for the entire content of their manuscript.

The authors guarantee that their manuscript represents their personal contribution, was not published earlier and is not under review in any other publication.

The manuscript must not contain any illegal act. It must be based on the principles of academic integrity and integrity in scientific research.

The authors guarantee that the list of authors contains only people who made significant contributions to the manuscript.

The authors are obliged to cite completely and correctly all the sources which they use in their work.

The authors must adhere to Manuscript preparation guidelines - General requirements for the articles and Instructions for Preparation of Papers for Journal Mathematica Montisnigri.


Review process

The journal Mathematica Montisnigri applies anonymous double review process.

Manuscripts received are forwarded to reviewers after the decision of the Editorial board.

The reviewers are exclusively chosen based on their competences in the research area of the manuscript. 

The reviewers give one of the following evaluations to the manuscript:
A) acceptance is decidedly recommended;
B) acceptance is recommended after revision;
C) acceptance is not recommended.

If the reviewer evaluate that the manuscript can be accepted after revision, he/she must give suggestions in which the manuscript can be revised.

The manuscript given to a reviewer must be treated as confidential material. Information, manuscript content and ideas of the manuscript must not be used in personal purposes or distributed.


Paper retraction

The paper will be retracted if the authors have violated any element of academic integrity, author rights, norms in the Ethical code or any other legal regulation.

Paper can also be retracted if it is not possible to correct it by publishing the correction.

Before the enactment of the retraction the Editorial board will ask the authors for their opinion.

The final decision on the retraction is given by the Editorial board.

The retraction is conducted by printing the paper again and classifying it as Retracted, and each page of the paper is watermarked with Retraction. 


Open access

Mathematica Montisnigri is an open access journal, which means that the entire content of the journal is accessible freely, without any compensation on the part of the user or institution, in accordance with the BOAI definition of the open access.

The journal can be included in a database only with consent by the Editors in Chief.