Mathematica Montisnigri XXXI





Romeo Mestrovic and Zarko Pavicevic. A topological property of Privalov spaces on the unit disk.


Dusan S. Jokanovic and Marina M. Zirojevic. Automorphism groups of some classes of graphs.


Nikola Mihaljevich. Representation characteristic function of Sturm-Liuville type over the zeros.


Radoslav Milosevic. A logical Burbakies model program formalization of mathematics.



M. Zhukovskiy, M. Markov, S. Podolyako and R. Uskov. Hybrid parallelization of Computing the electron fluxes produced by photon radiation.


A.E. Bondarev, E.A. Nesterenko. Approximate method for estimation of friction forces for axisymmetric bodies in viscous flows.


V.I. Mazhukin, A.V. Shapranov, O.N. Koroleva, A.V. Rudenko. Molecular dynamics simulation of critical point parameters for silicon.


I.N. Zavestovskaya, A.P. Kanavin. Modeling of the laser metal nanoparticles fragmentation.


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