Mathematica Montisnigri XXXII




Professor Valerian Ivanovich Gavrilov. (On the occasion of his 80th birthday)


Romeo Mestrovic and Zarko Pavicevic. A short survey of the ideal structure of Privalov spaces on the unit disk.


Marina Makhmutova and Shamil Makhmutov. On parallel algorithms for solving the direct and inverse problems of ionospheric sounding.


S. L. Berberyan. On boundary behavior of subordinate subharmonic functions.


S.A. Episkoposian. On uniqness of series with generalized Walsh system.


M. M. Mirzoyan, A. N. Hayrapetyan. Characteristics of the set of Plesner’s points of arbitrary functions defined in the unit circle along tangential directions.


Zh. S. Hovhannisyan. About slowly increasing subharmonic functions.


A.O. Babayan. On a Dirichlet problem for fourth order partial differential equation in the case of double roots of characteristic equation.


A.H. Arakelyan. Mobius group action on Apollonian gaskets.



A.V. Kolesnichenko. Modification in framework of Tsallis statistics of gravitational instability criterions of astrophysical disks with fractal structure of phase space.


Milenko Pikula, Biljana Vojvodic, Natasa Pavlovic. Construction of the solution of the boundary value problem with one delay and two potentials and asimptotic of eigenvalues.



A.V. Maltsev, P.Yu. Timokhin. Seamless synthesis of extra large planet textures.


A.G.Kushnirenko, A.V. Maltsev, М.V. Mikhaylyuk, A.A. Prilipko, P.Yu. Timokhin, M.A. Torgashev. The method for separation of video streams in distant education.


Dmitry Efimov. Click-Through Rate Prediction – TOP-5 solution for the Avazu contest.


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