Mathematica Montisnigri XLI





Romeo Mestrovic and Zarko Pavicevic. On some metric topologies on Privalov spaces on the unit disk

Majid Mirmiran. Weak insertion of a contra-continuous function between two comparable contra-precontinuous (contra-semi-continuous) functions

computational mathematics

Yu. Karamzin, T. Kudryashova and S. Polyakov. On one class of flow schemes for the convection-diffusion type equation.

M.P. Galanin, P.V. Gliznutsina, V.V. Lukin, A.S. Rodin. Investigation of influence of iteration parameters on convergence of Schwartz method for problem solution of elastic bodies contact

mathematical modeling

A.A. Samokhin, V.I. Mazhukin, M.M. Demin, A.V. Shapranov, A.E. Zubko. Molecular dynamics simulation of Al explosive boiling and transcritical regimes in nanosecond laser ablation.

O.N. Koroleva, A.V. Mazhukin, V.I. Mazhukin. Modeling of silicon characteristics in the semiconductor-metal phase transition region.

K.V. Khishchenko. Equation of state for lithium in shock waves.

V.I. Mazhukin, M.M. Demin, A.A. Aleksashkina. Atomistic modeling of thermophysical properties of copper in the region of the melting point.

V.S. Filinov and A.S. Larkin. Electrical conductivity of strongly correlated plasma media.

K.K. Maevskii. Thermodynamic parameters of lithium deuteride in pressure range 5–1000 gigapascals.

A.V. Kolesnichenko. To description of motion of rarefied magnetospheric plasma in a strong magnetic field.

computer science applications

V.A. Debelov, K.G. Kushner and L.F. Vasilyeva. Lens for a computer model of a polarizing microscope.

G.K. Borovin, V.V. Lapshin. Motion control of a space robot.

mathematical notes

Sonia Dog. Remarks on Dudek's E-groupoids.


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