Mathematica Montisnigri XXVII





В.И. Гаврилов, А.В. Субботин. О структуре нулевых множеств функций из F-алгебр Mq, 0<q<1, в круге.


Romi F. Shamoyan and Olivera R. Mihic. On multipliers of some new analytic Ma,pq, Mp,?,a and M?,p,a types spaces and related spaces on the unit polydisc.


Mathematical modeling

P.V. Breslavskii. Dynamic adaptation shock-capturing method for gas dynamic simulation.


A. Galanina, A. Favorskiy. Local two-dimensional perturbations evolution in small-conductivity gas flow in magnetic field.


V.I. Mazhukin, A.V. Shapranov, A.A. Samokhin, A.Yu. Ivochkin. Mathematical modeling of non-equilibrium phase transitionin rapidly heated thin liquid film.


M.V. Mikhaylyuk, E.V. Strashnov. Simulation of articulated rigid bodies with penalty method.


Н. Михалевич, С. Jованович, А. Длабач. Полуэмпирическая модель для расчета эффективности полупроводниковых детекторов ? излучения с полным искривлением кристаллов.


I.F. Potapenko. DSMC modeling of electron heating for the nonlinear collision kinetic equation with quasilinear diffusion.


I.P. Tsygvintsev, V.A. Gasilov, A.Yu. Krukovskiy, V.G. Novikov, I.V. Popov. Three-dimensional modeling of the laser radiation absorption.


V. Vujacic, A. Nikolic, E. Nikolic. Analysis and modeling of morphological and productive characteristics species of the genus amaranthus L.


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