Mathematica Montisnigri XXXIII




Mathematical modeling

P.V. Breslavskiy, A.V. Mazhukin, O.N. Koroleva. Simulation of the dynamics of plasma expansion, the formation and interaction of shock and heat waves in the gas at the nanosecond laser irradiation.


A.A. Samokhin, V.I. Mazhukin, M.M. Demin, P.A. Pivovarov, A.V. Shapranov. Continual and molecular-dynamic modeling of phase transitions during laser ablation.


G. Borovin, Yu. Golubev, A.Grushevskii, V.Koryanov, A.Tuchin and D. Tuchin. Mission design in systems of outer planets within model restricted two-coupled threebody problem.


A.E. Bondarev. Design and analysis of multidimensional parametrical solutions for time-dependent CFD problems.


A.V. Berezin, Y.A. Volkov, M.B. Markov, I.A. Tarakanov. The radiation-induced conductivity of silicon.


A.V. Kolesnichenko. Self-organizing of stochastic transport system under influence of external noise.


M.A. Trapeznikova, N.G. Churbanova And A.A. Lyupa. Simulation of three-phase fluid flow in a porous medium with account of thermal effects.


Computer science applications

M. Zhukovskiy, M. Markov, S.Podolyako And R. Uskov. Supercomputing the electron transport using CUDA technology.

Brief communication

A.A. Samokhin, P.A. Pivovarov. On spinodal manifestation during fast heating and evaporation of thin liquid film.


Letter from the Chief Editor

Statement of Retraction


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