Математика Црне Горе XXXIX




Вычислительная математика

M.P. Galanin, V.T. Zhukov, N.V. Klushnev, V.V. Lukin, A.S. Rodin. On the solving of conjugate problems for definition of parameters of wrap and heat exchange between elements of constructions.

E.I. Kraus and I.I. Shabalin. The tool for high-velocity interaction and damage of solids.

A.S. Larkin, V.S. Filinov and V.E. Fortov. Solution of the sign problem in pair approximation.


математическое моделирование

S.V. Ershov, A.A. Garbul, S.G. Pozdnyakov, V.G. Sokolov, A.G. Voloboy. Lighting simulation in anisotropic media.

O.N. Koroleva, A.V. Mazhukin. Determination of transport properties of silicon electron gas.

G.K. Borovin, V.V. Lapshin. About a motion of free–floating space robot.

K.K. Inozemtseva, M.B. Markov, F.N. Voronin. The electromagnetic and thermomechanical effects of electron beam on the solid barrier.

A.V. Utkin. Analysis of parallel molecular dynamics for MPI, CUDA and CUDA-MPI implementation.

A.L. Khomkin and A. S. Shumikhin. Electrical conductivity of warm dense matter: electron jellium—newgas–plasma component.

A.S. Dobrovolskaya, N.I. Klyuchnikov and V.A. Bityurin. Numerical simulation of dust particle in weakly ionized plasma in collisional regime with finite-difference lattice Boltzmann method.

A.Yu. Shemakhin and V.S. Zheltukhin. Mathematical modeling of rf plasma flow with metastable atoms at low pressure.


приложения для вычислительной техники

 M.V. Mikhaylyuk, E.V. Strashnov And P.Yu. Timokhin. Algorithms of multibody dynamics simulation using articulated-body method.

акдемическая жизнь

M.P. Galanin, M.M. Gorbunov-Posadov, V.P. Kandidov, T.A. Polilova. Publication of the scientific monograph in Russia.

V.I. Mazhukin. 16th International Workshop «Mathematical models and simulation in the laser-plasma processes & advanced science technologies» (LPPM3-2017).



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