Professor Giovanni Barbero

Politecnico di Torino, Italy

Ions in liquids


I. Static distribution of ions.
1. Equilibrium distribution of ions in an electrolytic cell submitted to an external electric field.
2. Limit of small and large external field.
3. Effective screening length.
II. Time dependence of ionic distribution in a cell.
1. Diffusion and drift current.
2. Equation of continuity.
3. Debye’s length.
4. Poisson-Nernst-Planck equations.
5. Linear version of the Poisson-nernst-Planck equations.
III. Relaxation times.
1. Blocking, non-blocking electrodes.
2. Solution of the mathematical problem. Steady state and transient
3. Characteristic times.
4. Ionic distributions and potential across the cell.
5. Relaxation time in the presence of a large applied voltage.
IV. Adsorption of particles form the limiting surfaces.
1. Diffusion in 1-D geometry.
2. Adsorption in the Langmuir approximation.
3. Equilibrium and transient components of the solution.
4. Statistical interpretation of the kinetic equation at the adsorbing surface.
5. Adsorption coefficient, desorption time and adsorption energy.
6. Microscopic interpretation.
V. Influence of the adsorption on the redistribution of ions in 1-D geometry.
1. Fundamental equations.
2. Initial boundary conditions.
3. Linear analysis.
4. Equilibrium distribution.
5. Transient component.
6. The case in the absence of external field.
7. Limit of small and large thickness.