Mathematica Montisnigri XL





Romeo Mestrovic and Zarko Pavicevic. A short survey of some topologies on Privalov spaces on the unit disk


Nikola Mihaljevic. Formation of integral equations for the potential q and functions of delay α.


T. M. Saghatelyan. On the pointwise universality of the partial sums of fourier series of Lp, p≥1 class by Chrestenson - Levy system


M. Farhadi Jalalvand and N. Jafari Rad. On the complexity of k-step and k-hop dominating sets in graphs



A.K. Alexeev, A.E. Bondarev. On some features of Richardson extrapolation for compressible inviscid flows.


A. S. Larkin and V. S. Filinov. Momentum distribution functions of weakly-degenerate hydrogen plasma.


Yu.A. Poveshchenko, V.O. Podryga and P.I. Rahimly. About one approach to freevolumetric approximation of a piezoconductive medium with gas hydrate inclusions.




M. S. Apfelbaum And A. N. Doludenko. The formation of weakly conductive liquid dielectric flows caused by a pre-breakdown electric field.


O.N. Koroleva, A.V. Mazhukin. Determination of thermal conductivity and heat capacity of silicon electron gas.


S.V. Polyakov, Yu. N. Karamzin, T.A. Kudryasova and N.I. Tarasov. Mathematical modelling of water treatment processes.


A.A. Sviridenkov, P.D. Toktaliev and V.V. Tretyakov. Numerical simulation of heat and mass transfer, mixture formation in combustion chamber of gas turbine engine.


K.V. Khishchenko. Equation of state of sodium for modeling of shock-wave processes at high pressures.



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