Mathematica Montisnigri L




Zana Kovijanic Vukicevic. On the Sombor index of chemical trees

Brahim Mittou, Abdallah Derbal. Complex numbers similar to the generalized Bernoulli numbers and their applications

A. Ainouche, S. Bouroubi. Power contamination and domination on the grid

Omur Deveci, Anthony G. Shannon. Some aspects of Neyman triangles and Delannoy arrays

I. Laib, A. Derbal, R. Mechik, N. Rezzoug. Note on a theorem of Zehnxiag Zhang

S. Saleem, F. Hussain, B. Davvaz, M.T. Rahim. Factor generalized be-semigroups through homomorphisms

N. Yilmaz, A. Aydoğdu, E. Ozkan. Some properties of k-generalized Fibonacci numbers


A.V. Kolesnichenko, M.Ya. Marov. Scenario of accelerated universe expansion under exposure to entropic forces related to with the entropies of Barrow and Tsallis−Cirto

A.A. Samokhin, P.A. Pivovarov. On the mathematical model of combined rarefaction and compression waves in condensed matter


A.Yu. Semenov, I.A. Stuchebryukhov, K.V. Khishchenko. Modeling of shock-wave processes in aluminum under the action of a short laser pulse

O.G. Olkhovskaya, A.Yu. Krukovsky, Yu.A. Poveschenko, Yu. S. Sharova, V.A. Gasilov. ALE-MHD technique for modeling three-dimensional magnetic implosion of a liner

K.K. Maevskii. Germanium and germanium-gold alloys under shock-wave loading


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