Technical programme of 18th Seminar

Is available here.


Contents of the Seminar

Section I. Laser-plasma processes, laser action.

  -  Laser ablation - experiment, theory statement of the problem.

  -  Continuum and atomistic models.

  -  Technology of parallelization.

  -  Simulation of various modes of laser action on materials.

  -  Generation of nanoparticles and nanostructures by ultrashort laser pulses.

  -  Non-equilibrium low temperature laser plasma.

  -  Fundamental plasma physics.

  -  Plasma theory and simulation.

  -  Plasma in technology.

  -  Plasma spectroscopy


Section II. Advanced science technologies.

  -  Russian space.

  -  Advanced scientific technologies in humanitarian knowledge.

  -  Mathematical methods in biology.




 The Seminar sessions will include: reports in the form of lectures (25 minutes), oral reports (10 minutes) and posters. Discussions will be spent at evening sessions. Media and slide projectors will be available.



 The working languages of the Seminar are Russian and English.


Social programme

Acquaintance with Montenegro.